The Mayotte Tire Race

Tire race

An authentic Mayotte event, the tire race is a convivial, festive and colorful moment, like any event worthy of its name in Mayotte. Coming from an old game played by children, this race 

In a good-natured spirit, the competitors, equipped with tires of any size and two guides (sticks, broomsticks, branches or other) to direct them, set off on a course that can go up to nearly 2km in city streets. Motorcycle tires, car tires, truck tires or even tractors tires for the stronges, thousands of competitors dash around in joy and good humor. Several categories are involved in the competition: children, adults.


Everyone chooses their tire according to their abilities. Some prefer car tires for their stability, others prefer motorcycle tires because they are easier to control. Some competitors will show off their prowess with heavyweight tires (the colossus), which are more difficult to control but which allow them to advance faster than others if they can maintain control of their tire. The technique consists of pushing the tire with two sticks held on either side of the tire, with the points inside the tire. The sliding of the sticks is ensured by liquid poured inside the tire. Some use plastic bottle bottoms to further stabilize the guides in the tire. Competitors will therefore make sure to find a tire with the least amount of damage to its inner structure to ensure optimal gliding of the stick. Indeed, damage to the structure or a crack can compromise the proper sliding of the guides. 

An environmentally-friendly event

As surprising as it may seem, this unusual event has integrated an ecological dimension because at the end, all used tires are collected. So, instead of being abandoned in the wild, they are rounded up at the end of the race and sent to be recycled. If for a long time, the choice of lubricant used to slide the guides in the tires was left up to the participants, now biodegradable soap is used, which is de rigueur to avoid any negative impact of lubricant residues on the environment. 

Participate or be patient

Tire races are so popular and the number of participants is large, that traffic is managed and sometimes disrupted. Provisions should be made for certain parking areas not to be accessible during these events. 

Stay up to date on Mayotte events to anticipate or ... participate.

And if you think you are not ready, train online and put yourself in the streets of Mamoudzou.